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  • montage of models on Nation LTD website

    Build ecommerce women’s apparel website to┬ádesign spec (James F. Dean), custom Shopify platform with numerous add-on apps configured to enhance store function, marketing, management; migrate existing Zen Cart store including hundreds of products + supporting images, ten years’ worth of orders, 6000+ customer accounts; create separate custom WordPress support site for galleries to feed to……

  • homepage of David Sills website powered by Lucky Cat Creative

    Build custom WordPress (design by James F. Dean); sample tracks, upcoming events, news, teaching section; multiple contact forms; create, edit, optimize, post content; develop, maintain.

  • Amick Global logo plus links for Wind-Assisted Vehicles, Wind Turbines, About or Contact section, Consulting, and the 2010 Detroit Maker Faire.

    Custom design WordPress, logo design, ongoing development, maintenance.

  • homepage of website of Emmy and Humanitas award-winning children's animation writing team Marcy Brown and Dennis Haley

    Custom WordPress design; icon slider (highlights); news, featured projects sections (project on hold).

  • homepage of The Fat Man legendary video game audio guru George Sanger website

    The Fat Man

    Custom design WordPress; three major life and career channels (project on indefinite hold).

  • ecommerce homepage of I Can Swing Forever, designed, built, powered by Lucky Cat Creative

    Custom ecommerce WordPress; full ecommerce store; dynamic USPS shipping module; sample tracks, gallery, videos.

  • homepage of, showing photo of Tracy Newman and another of Charlotte Dean, plus dates of upcoming events

    Build custom WordPress (design by James F. Dean); create, edit, optimize, post content; develop, maintain.

  • homepage of Puerto Beach Resort website, designed, built, powered by Lucky Cat Creative

    Custom design, build WordPress; native colors and indigenous materials as accents for page headers; many galleries, videos; realtime weather update; Google maps locator.

  • homepage of Kulak's Woodshed powered by Lucky Cat Creative

    Kulak’s Woodshed

    Web hosting server migration; upgrade custom WordPress; develop new features, sections; create, post content; ongoing maintenance; website redesign, build; general consulting.

  • website homepage photos of women singing at Hard Rock Cafe in Boston on the website of G-Rock Music

    Design, build custom WordPress; content creation, posting; develop, maintain.

  • homepage of Sure Fit Burbank website

    Design, develop basic flat website; create galleries and videos; redesign, rebuild as custom WordPress; create YouTube “How To” video series; create media and written content; post, optimize content; develop, maintain.

  • illustrations of map marked with dart, pen drawing a highway, street signs, dialogue balloons, and a bus: the homepage of RouteSprout, a startup

    Design, build, custom WordPress web application; style, integrate trip creator application; design, implement bespoke airport-style trip board; integrate social media feeds; develop, maintain.

  • illustrated website homepage art for

    Alethea Music

    Design, build custom web application in Flash Builder; sample track jukebox with innovative UI; advanced graphics, JS elements.