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  • Steven C. Smith portrait photo on his website's homepage.

    Custom WordPress,original logo and key art,custom post type and advanced custom fields,owner training,maintenance

  • Alan K. Rode smiling on homepage of his website that features hardcover biography of Michael Curtiz written by Alan K. Rode.

    Migrate from Joomla! to custom WordPress, tweak design and improve technology, calendar event and new content posting, maintenance Explore

  • Homepage of Celia Center, Inc. - Support for All Members of the Foster Care and Adoption Constellation.

    Design, build, custom WordPress, ecommerce shop, custom quizzes, surveys for continuing education candidates, consulting Explore

  • Illustration of elegantly clad man reclining on sofa surrounded by works of art, plus a view from high-rise of Manhattan's skyscraper skyline.

    Custom design, build, Shopify store, integrate with vacation rental booking application, provide owner training Explore

  • Sunset view of Paris, France looking across smooth surface of Seine river.

    Custom design, build, vacation rental booking application, provide owner training Explore

  • Collage of special event photos showing colorful exotically decorated part events featuring performers on Angel City Designs website

    Custom WordPress build, prep large collections of photos, design galleries, ongoing maintenance. Explore

  • photo of exotic French pastries in a dish -- homepage of Ludivine Paris bakery

    Design, build custom WordPress website for this new French pastry bakery to include easy navigation, huge feature images, galleries, social media feeds; convert to custom Shopify e-commerce with specialized product variety selection Explore

  • Rows of necklaces on Shari Wacks website.

    Custom Shopify design and build, media asset management, development, maintenance Explore

  • Seven young children play violins in photo on homepage of Colburn Foundation website.

    • development, maintenance static HTML website• tech and internet consulting• SEO and Google Search Console development Explore

  • Six Bill Berrys lined up shoulder to shoulder, one holding guitar over face on homepage of Bill Berry Music website, plus Rose Petals and Ashes CD cover photo featuring Bill Berry solo seaside exuberantly brandishing acoustic guitar.

    • Original web design (photography elements by James F. Dean)• custom WordPress• owner WordPress training•maintenance, development Explore

  • Two CD covers on Songwriter's Square Records homepage: Rose Petals and Ashes CD with Bill Berry brandishing guitar seaside; Awkward Stage CD cover feature Bill Berry in suit loosening tie.

    • Custom WordPress• WooCommerce ecommerce shop • original web design (based on elements designed by James F. Dean)• maintenance, development Explore

  • Four smiling faces in square grouping of poster for Bill Berry's Songwriter's Square, the cream of Los Angeles songwriters in an intimate theatre setting; for more information go to, all on homepage for

    • Original web design (with elements from designer James F. Dean)• custom WordPress≤br≥ • MailChimp integration • podcast publishing integration Explore

  • Amick Global logo plus links for Wind-Assisted Vehicles, Wind Turbines, About or Contact section, Consulting, and the 2010 Detroit Maker Faire.

    • custom WordPress• custom logo design•web design•development, maintenance Explore

  • homepage of lob•group website, designed, built, powered by Lucky Cat Creative • Custom WordPress • special features for displaying photos of many services offered

  • Elaborate windows and trim of house featured on homepage of Acheson Builders of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    • development • ongoing maintenance • content creation, optimization, posting • 43+ year-old construction company Explore

  • homepage of Tape Turn Specialties, Inc. website designed, built, powered by Lucky Cat Creative • custom WordPress design & build • featuring services, galleries • option for ecommerce conversion • longtime Los Angeles area precision fabrication shop

  • homepage of website of jazz harpist Carol Robbins

    • build custom WordPress • develop, maintain • create, edit, optimize, post content (design by James F. Dean) Explore

  • montage of models on Nation LTD website

    • build custom Shopify-platform • develop, enhance SEO with file-naming, keyword feature • identify, install, configure numerous add-on apps to enhance marketing, store function for staff and customers • create separate WordPress gallery support site, integrate • migrate existing Zen Cart store, ten years’ orders, 6000+ accounts, integrate design Explore