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A long time ago in a studio far, far away . . .

(. . . well, maybe not that long ago or even that far away, but the studio part is true . . .)

Web Developer, Ron Amick, fought long and hard at different entertainment studios and post-production facilities all over Los Angeles before attaining the status of Head Lucky Cat here at Lucky Cat Creative. A few of the many amazing talents he has picked up through the years, along with making a fine website, are the abilities to record and edit audio and video, wrangle hardware, wrestle software updates, create smartphone apps and e-books, and basically bend sheets of aluminum foil with his bare hands. Unlike many computer geeks, Ron is wise in the ways of AP style and cascading style sheets; he can dash off a well written paragraph as easily as a line of code. He also speaks Mac and PC, technogeek and, when absolutely necessary, human.

Creative Director, Kith Amick, honed her advertising skills at production studios in Hollywood attaining the level of Writer/Producer, with a Clio and a London Award to boot, before becoming The Other Head Lucky Cat. Her strengths include project management, graphic design, web design, wordsmithery, branding, and long walks on the beach.


Help me, Lucky Cat Creative! You’re my only hope!

It’s come to that, has it? Worry not, we’ve also been held captive in an orbiting Death Star (trademark) with nothing to look forward to but doom, doom, and more doom. We feel your pain. We also have solutions - lots of them.

Need a brand new website with all the bells and whistles or just a few tweaks to an existing site? Yearn for a YouTube Channel? Perhaps your PowerPoint needs pep? or your Keynote is less than key or notable? If only you could turn your project into an app or ebook, would life suddenly be a thousand times better? Lucky Cat Creative can help.

Perhaps your problem is less about creativity and more about technological muscle and know-how. Does your WordPress site confuse and confound you? Want to start a new account with a hosting service or migrate to a different one, but don’t know where to start? Need help registering a domain name? How about transfering media between file formats? Do you wish you had “people for that” to just deal with it while you lounge by the pool with a cocktail? Consider yourself very lucky because Lucky Cat Creative can help with all of those things, too.

Contact Lucky Cat Creative now . . . and have hope!